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The standard delivery time for lab furniture and fume hoods is 6 to 8 weeks. If you need furniture quickly we a line of lab cabinets and fume hoods that are available 2 to 3 weeks. Quick ship items are available in limited sizes and styles. Quick ship cabinets come in an off white color. Call us at 908-212-7840 and we can get you pricing fast.

Flexible Systems

Lab furniture systems that can easily be changed or re-configured should always be considered when planning a new lab. This can be as simple as providing a few units on casters to an entire system which can be changed with minimal effort and no disruption to the lab utility systems.

We have formed an exciting new alliance with MultiLab Systems. This is an innovative flexible lab system that incorporates a “Green” modular millwork construction with a rigid aluminum framework system. Modular Millwork supports practical, economical and environmentally sustainable manufacturing, sourcing and distribution practices to safeguard and protect our planet. They partner with suppliers who share our holistic commitment to green practices. Their mission is to provide healthy, flexible, durable and efficient interiors for active laboratories.

Please contact us to learn more about the endless possibilities of this environmentally friendly Flexible Modular Millwork System.

About Us

Traxle Laboratory Furniture Systems is a full service lab casework and fume hood supplier. We listen to your needs and design a lab environment using the latest products to enhance your workflow and boost productivity. Our services range from supplying a simple lab cabinet or fume hood to the design and installation of an entire lab facility.

Design: Lab casework and fume hood systems design requires the lab planning experience Traxle has to offer in cooperation with lab personnel and management. A highly efficient lab plan involves multiple revisions and continuous review. Traxle will provide free lab casework and fume hood systems design services.

Planning & Project management: A successfully completed lab that is finished on time and on budget is the result of careful planning and experienced project management. Our years of experience working with contractors and installing lab furniture systems will ensure that we reach your goals.